Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring in the air (for today anyway)

Today was GORGEOUS.  So beautiful in fact, that I forced my husband outside to play catch with me.  (I told you that I make him do strange things.)  Nothing crafty to report, but just sharing that for today at least ... I was outside enjoying the sunshine and crisp air before more snow comes with us.

How about you?  Getting out from under all the winter blahs?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What I've been up to ...

Let's just say that I now understand why we're given children as infants ... we need the time to adjust to them!  Watching my 9 yr. old niece for 3 days really tired us out ... not to mention screwing up our routine!! But ... I wouldn't have changed it for the world.  Love her.

After bedtime, I was able to squeeze in quite a few projects (surprisingly!).

Christmas Ornaments
First ... a little late for Christmas ... or is it a little early?  I had made personalized Christmas balls for my in-laws my first Christmas with my hubby.  Needless to say, I didn't include one for myself (didn't want to be presumptuous) or for his other grandparents (only one was living with them at that time) ... fast forward to our 5th year together ... I decided it was time to follow through and get all the grandparents done ... and as I type this, I've realized that I still have to do another one for me for their tree! (Pardon the background and poor lighting ... I wanted to get these done & up!)

Coffee Cozy & TomTom holder
My sister has been pestering me since Christmas to knit her a holder for her TomTom navigation system.  (Yes, there are premade ones out there that are probably better, but asking me to do it is cheaper.) So ... I put together some crafty things that she's been liking of mine for her birthday.  (Still debating on whether or not I can finish a pair of fingerless gloves by the time I see her!) 

Valentine's Day/Anniversary 
My husband and I started dating in the beginning of February ... I like to make sure we remember this anniversary as well as our Wedding Anniversary ... and usually I wind up making him a small album at least once a year.  I wasn't going to this year (for the stupidest of all reasons ... I couldn't come up with a good "theme" ... but then I decided that I needed to do one.  One night, about 4 hours later (thank goodness for some Library of Memories organization!) and voila!  A mini-album on his bedside table for him to look at and cherish (and thankfully, he does - cherish them.) 

One thing I love about this album was that it is literally just pictures and journaling.  I didn't need to go all-out with a page.  I got down what I wanted to relay to my husband and took some of the pictures that I loved to tell that story.  PERFECT.  I don't even mind that my handwriting isn't the best in the world - it's totally authentically me - and that's 100% okay!

  Journaling reads: Our 5 month anniversary,  The first time I realized just how much you listened and paid attention.  After a passing comment on our 2nd or 3rd date about loving Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when I was little, you surprised me with tickets to the new Broadway show.  It still amazes me 5 years later how you pick up on the little things ... both in what I say and what I look at.  I'm so lucky to have one of "those" husbands ... the one everyone wishes for ... the one who can really pull off a perfect present without being led straight to it.  Granted ... it probably helps that once I look at or talk about something I like, I tend to forget about it!
Journaling reads: 10 weddings in 5 years.  Six of them within one year.  Part of me sometimes dreads seeing those invitations in the mail.  Weddings are expensive - to throw and attend ... and you've got A LOT of single friends and family ... still!  Then ... there's the other part ... the one that LOVES being dressed up along side you, looking so very handsome in your suit and tie.  I love being there next to you.  I love that you don't mind dancing with me.  I appreciate that you love to socialize and have a damn good time at most weddings and am happy to supply the safe drive home when needed.  Besides ... I really just love showing you off whenever I can!

Journaling reads:  Why does it seem like every vacation we have must include some unplanned adventure built in?  On our trip to Las Vegas, we dealt with the relationship issues of others.  In Vermont, you kept dropping the ring as you tried for the perfect moment.  Then ... there was Aruba.  Who else has the best Honeymoon stories but us?  A double ear infection, the wave runners, the lovely Jeep excursion and the drinking bus.  Through it all, we just keep moving forward, taking care of each other when needed and most definitely laughing.  After all, we at least get some great stories out of all this!
Journaling reads:  OH  ... my Johnny.  The things you do for me.  You grunt and moan and try to reason me out of my so called crazy ideas, but in the end ... (most times) you let me win. (and yes - I know you LET me.)  This picture is often the result.  Outside with me and my camera.  You get the job of being my subject as I search for the "perfect" photo.  You crack me up every time.  You make me be more free and more fun - two things I always need more of.  Now the question is - can you take another 50 years of this? (Please? :) )

Journaling reads: Together.  That's us ... always.  Five years later, I really thought the desire to be with each other as much as possible would fade.  It hasn't.  I still want to be snuggling on the couch instead of being somewhere else in the house doing something else.  Luckily for me - you still like having me around, and love snuggling just as much as I do!

By the way ... is the light colored text annoying to any of you?  Trying to figure out a "theme" on this blog and stick to it ... so help me help you! :)  Let me know what you prefer seeing (plain background, black text, etc.)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I haven't forgotten!

We're watching my niece for a couple of days (since Sunday) so snuggling on the couch watching the Olympics has taken priority over the computer.  I'll post about my weekend creations tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Back to work (literally) ...

After being unemployed for WAY too long (in my humble, unbiased opinion, of course) I am finally back at work.  This isn't something I talk about much to people.  Well ... not even just "people" .... really - I don't talk about it much with anyone other than my husband.  But here, my blog-land friends ... here, we share in safe place. :)  We won't go into the details of my little stay in unemployment land ... but we will say that now ... now we're employed and so far, liking it and the people associated with it.

Which leads me to the purpose of my post.  I'm TIRED.  I'm not getting up much earlier than I did while I was home ... and I'm not going to bed much later (not on school nights anyway) ... but dear Lord ... I'm just sleepy this week.  I'm guessing it has to do with being "on" and being in front of people.  Guess it just doesn't take that much energy to be "on" with paper and fabric, huh?

I'm VERY much looking forward to this weekend though.  My dear hubby has to work all weekend - so that means that other than whatever errands are a must ... I can hole myself up in my craft room and finally get stuff DONE!  I'm planning on being a busy little bee and having a bunch of new things to share and list.  (More on that later though.)

For now ... (YAWWWN) ... Good night, internet.