Friday, December 11, 2009

Busy week

I can't really come up with a good list of why it's been so busy ... but it feels like it has!  Just the usual cleaning, cooking and crafting going on!  We had about 5 inches of snow yesterday in the wee early morning and I was up with the hubby as he left for work ... and watched him take a big whooping fall onto his tuckus ... twice.  The poor thing ... he has a wife that only stifles her laugh long enough to ask if he's okay then lets loose!

I'm a lucky girl though ... today (the 11th) is my birthday and he always comes through for me.  He's taking me into Manhattan to see "my" tree (also known as the Rockefeller Center Tree) and a quick visit to St. Patrick's Cathedral (love that church) to light some candles and say some prayers ... lunch is still up in the air - Carmine's or Brother Jimmy's ... (I'm a tough date, aren't I? ... old school Italian or really good pulled pork & hush puppies).

Tonight he called on his way home from work telling me that he was running late because something happened as he was leaving ... no biggie, just held dinner up a bit ... and in he walks with a dozen red roses and a Milky Way (my favorite).  (I'll get my card later today since it's only 1am.)  Seriously ... men could take lessons from him.  He's attentive to the small things (not all the time, but definitely when it counts!)

He gave me my present over a week ago though ... now, never in my life did I think that I'd ever ever want this item ... nor be thrilled - yes - thrilled to get it ... no, it wasn't the gold initial pendant that I saw at Tiffany's that I mentioned in a previous post ... nope ... it was a Jason Witten jersey.  SO awesome.  The man has converted me into a football lover.  

Enough lovin' on my husband I guess .... off to bed so we can catch an early-ish train into the city and be back in time for dinner with my parents and then lunch with his and mine Saturday.

Oh ... did I neglect to mention the 2 paper/book wreaths that I'm making for my sister in law and her friend that I need done by Sunday?  Yeah ... that's just one of the major reasons I've been busy.

Enjoy your Friday! 

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