Sunday, December 6, 2009

Today ...

Doing a lot of Christmas decorating and cleaning ... so I'm posting from  The Simple Woman’s Daybook which you can find here. 

Outside my Window: Is beautifully covered in snow.
I am Thinking: That I love how the decorations look once they're done ... but gripe about doinCg them.
I am Thankful For: A husband that worries when I drive in bad weather.

From the Kitchen:  Spaghetti  & Meatballs ... starting the gravy in a few minutes
I am Learning: that I have too many projects going on
I am Wearing: sweats  & a long sleeve tee
I am Creating: Christmas :)
I am Going: To stay home all day :)
I am Reading: CK Magazine
I am Hoping: That I'll finish all the decorating by tonight
I am Hearing: The sound of my DVR shows being watched after a few weeks of neglect, which will result in a happy husband when he checks out the DVR tonight
Around the House: Are boxes & bins of Christmas
One of my Favorite Things: The Lenox ornament my husband bought me on our first married christmas
A Few Plans for Next Week: christmas cookies, making some other holiday favorites
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  1. that ornament is just beautiful. I also made the gravy today, perfect for a wintry day!

  2. Lovely post. Are you reading the January CK? It seems to have changed a lot. No more Becky or Ali :(

  3. I love the wedding ornament! We just got married this past May - where can I get something like that for us? Thanks!