Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Amazon Wish List ... did you know about this?

Somewhere in my blog stalking reading last week, I found someone talking about clearing out their Amazon Wish List for the new year.  Hm ... clearing out a list to begin anew?  I like this!  So I hopped over to Amazon and looked for a Wish List.

Of course, I easily found it and started one up.  Then ... then, my friends ... I realized that I could add a "short cut" button to my tool bar and put ANYTHING on my Wish List.  FROM ANYWHERE!  Poking around 2Peas ... click "add to Wish List" and voila ... it'll get in there. 

Now, why am I so enamored by this?  (1) It's super easy.  (2) I'm the person when asked "what do you want for __________ (insert any gift giving occasion here) that says "I don't know ... whatever" (don't hate me).  (3) It fulfills my need to think I'm going shopping but never checking out and actually spending money.  Let us not forget the most important one .... (4) It lets me have one easy access place to remember where I saw what I wanted! 

I tried the same thing once with Kaboodle, but it annoyed me and I didn't keep going there.  This one is straight forward and easy ... and really - I don't need to know what other people want (like on Kaboodle), I just need to know what I want!


  1. I didn't know you could add stuff from other sites. That is pretty cool.

    You know on that mac & cheese recipe I didn't use the cottage cheese. I hate cottage cheese! The smell, the texture, the look, everything. Yuck! I just didn't add it when I made it and it was delicious without it. I can't imagine cottage cheese in mac & cheese. Ewwww

  2. This sounds really cool! I didn't realize you could add items from other sites. Thanks for the idea!