Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Have you ever .... ?

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I'm working on a commissioned quilt for a friend.  I've cut all the fabrics, labeled them so I don't confuse myself and was going to pin them together for sewing while watching TV with the hubby.  (See?  All ready to go.)

Now ... I have my lovely & beautiful craft room ... however - I don't sew there.  I sew on our beautifully huge kitchen table.  It's big enough for me to spread everything out, or quilt a queen size project - and it's closer to my hubby since he probably wouldn't like me using the sewing machine next to him while we watch TV.  (Just a guess there.)  This being said .... I kind of have taken to putting my sewing supplies in our front foyer closet.  (Who needs to hang guests' coats?)   Around Thanksgiving when everything has to be "guest perfect" ... a whole bunch of stuff got put into an extra large reusable shopping bag that I picked up from The Christmas Tree Shoppe. 

I had only taken out what I needed so far (cutting mat, ruler, tools) and had left the other stuff in there.  I now needed pins ... and lots of them ... the pin cushion just wasn't going to cut it.  I had to get my other box of pins that I use just for this type of thing.  Only problem?  They weren't where I thought they were.  They *should* be in the little tote carrier that holds all my little stuff ... seam ripper, measuring tape, etc. for sewing .... shouldn't they?

And so began "the search" .... I couldn't find the pins in the bag, in the containers or in any other godforsaken item that I had around.  I searched.  I looked in my craft room, the laundry room and everywhere else I could think that I may have used or put them for "safe keeping".  Nothing.

What else is a girl to do?  I had (HAD) to organize all my sewing stuff.  That's right - go through all the fabric stash and reorganize into different containers ... after all ... I *have* to do this, so why not make it useful organization time.   I *still* couldn't find them.  All my fabric had been sorted, folded or refolded and categorized (felt and flannel have their own boxes, yardage and fat quarters do as well) and I, like a good wife ... went whining to my husband.  

God Bless him ... he actually helped me look for about 3 minutes - and marveled at the fact that I couldn't find them.  Then he asked what was to me the funniest question ... "well, why don't you go through your stuff and look for them."  I stared at him.  I looked back at the kitchen table, did my best Vanna arm swipe to show him the table and said "What do you think THAT is?"


He shook his head and went back to watching TV.  I, however could not.  I needed those damn pins!  EVERYTHING that was downstairs had been sorted through ... where the hell were these things?  I went back up into the craft room and looked on my desk ... nothing ... looked around the room in various places ... nothing.  Then ... sitting on the old sewing desk/table from my grandmother was a white basket.  Hm ... it wouldn't be in there - that is just old sewing stuff that I had put aside.  How wrong was I?  They were right there, next to a pair of scissors and some bobbins ... just waiting to be used.

Needless to say, I was too damn tired after reorganizing everything to even think about pinning things together that night - but I did finally get it done last night as my husband snickered next to me, mumbling something about me being crazy.  It's not my fault the pin found his arm! ;)

Please tell me that this has happened to you at some point too ... that I'm not the only one that has reorganized an entire section of something looking for one tiny little thing?

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