Sunday, January 24, 2010

One stitch at a time

So I've been making great progress on finishing up this quilt.  Until earlier tonight.  I had to take apart way too many pieces because I screwed up due to lack of attention.  Paying attention to the process and enjoying the sewing, but apparently missing the finer details.

Nothing that couldn't be fixed or modified ... but just frustrating - especially when you feel you're on a roll!

The hubby intervened after hearing one too many f-bombs and made me stop to go finish watching the extra scenes from The Hangover.  Ladies ... when this movie first came out, I said no way ... I was SO SO SO wrong.  It is hysterically funny.  It's a great movie to watch and kept us laughing the whole time.  And ... there have admittedly been some lines that have stuck around too.

It's 2:30am ... what the hell am I still doing up?  Night all!

1 comment:

  1. I hope you'll show us some pics of the quilt! Haven't seen Hangover yet... thinking maybe we should rent it :)