Thursday, November 5, 2009

2009 World Series Champs!!!

(Photo from Chris McGrath/Getty Images via

I've always liked the Yankees, even growing up in a Met-loving household ... but after I met John, the Yankees have taken on a whole new meaning!  I'm sure so many wives make the following statement ... My husband has to be their biggest fan.  Seriously.  The man knows more about this team, it's players and it's history ... it amazes me.  While we were dating I lived in NYC and we were fortunate enough to go to games a couple of times a season.  While they're not the most exciting things for me to watch - I loved being there watching with John.  Watching with someone who loves and appreciates the game as much as he does gave me a whole new perspective.  Participating in something that he loved brought a common interest together.  While I could care less who has what ERA or how many RBI's ... I did learn what they were and why they mattered. 

So ... for me, I'm happy that the Yankees brought it home again.  For him ... I'm ecstatic!


  1. Stopping by your blog from Shimelle's class and just had to say that I love your blog header!

  2. I liked your Yankees blog. The little history of your romance was great. DragonsLady from Shimelle's class.

  3. Hi Beverly! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog with your suggestions about my banner and fireplace. You and I think alike -- I'm trying to convince my hubby to at least paint the top part. :o) I was also thinking about maybe tying some ribbon between each of the letters on the banner...just a little something extra along the top.

    You have a sweet blog here! I'll be back. :o)