Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving table decorations ... check!

After waking up and feeling the too familiar twinge in my back, I decided (wisely) that I should lay off the heavy-duty stuff today and not do anything major.  Yes, that's right dear readers ... a total guilt-free no cleaning day!  Ah, the bliss.

What did I do to whittle the hours away you ask?  Well ... crafts of course!  As mentioned, I finished the Indian Corn husks for the kids' table ... wanna see?  No, they are not like the ones that I found originally - but still pretty darn cute I think!

So that takes care of the kids.  Now, the adults.  All of which will make fun of me for the extent that I've gone to for my table, but I don't care.  Honestly.  I've loved having a decorated table since I was a wee lass.  I just think it looks pretty and just adds to everything.  With that ... I give you the napkins and the place cards:

The napkins are plain, solid dark brown napkins that I folded and rolled, then took 3 stalks of wheat, tied the ribbon around them alone, then wrapped the ribbon around the napkin and made the bow.  (I feel the need to say Voila'!)   The place cards were pretty quick to whip up too.  Some orange cardstock as the base, a 3" scalloped circle with a bit of the top cut off, ivory copy/printer paper (I admit, I was lazy and didn't want to change to cardstock) and a button with some brown bakery twine.  All the edges finished with some brown ink.  I did the adults in that font you see there and if you peek in the background, you'll see the kids' done in a slightly simpler font (so the youngest won't have any problem reading his - and yes, all theirs are the same so no one bickers that they didn't get ____ on theirs).

The hubby was a good hubby and moved the extra table into the kitchen for me so I could make sure I could situate it the way I was thinking without any issues.  His reward (not really) was our usual Sunday dinner ... gravy & meatballs (to clarify ... to many Italians, sauce is called gravy ... you know ... marinara ... it's just gravy in this family ... sacrilege to call it anything else really.)  We've now moved upstairs so that we can watch our Fringe episodes on DVR while he relaxes in the bedroom and I make my paperback wreath in the craft room.  (I'm not allowed to watch it with him ... it's too comfy and warm, then I whine for snuggling and before you know it I'm asleep and it's 15 minutes into the show.)

Oh ... one more thing - my public service announcement of the week ... don't forget to charge your camera batteries!  Just saw mine was at 1/2 charge when I took these pictures so I'm all set to go for Thursday!


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