Sunday, November 22, 2009

I've been a busy little bee ...

As I realized that I only have until this Thursday ... well, lets face it - Wednesday to get everything ready for Thanksgiving ... I gave myself a quick slight kick in the rear and got moving.

Today I: 
  • Cleaned the den/family/living room (choose your name for it) from top to bottom (and boy was it dusty!)
  • Made the Indian-corn/M&M husks that I saw here here (totally cheated - used 2 paper circles for the inside and one for the outside - and just tied bows with the raffia ... would probably be easier with the wooden disks though ... and just couldn't deal with trying to fuss with the corn husk)
  • Dusted the kitchen shelves, etc. (leaving the kitchen clean-up for Wednesday night after all the prep work is done)
  • Got dressed :)
  • Made dinner :)
  • Did laundry
  • Painted and cut the pages for this project that I think is totally awesome looking (paperback book wreath ... seriously - go check it out - the project (and blog by Lindsay) are pretty awesome
So for some reason I feel like I accomplished a lot more than it looks like here.  Maybe that's because of all the time I spent in the den?

Tomorrow I'm in for more of the same.  The hubby is off, so I have to convince him to do a test-fit for the extra table that we'll be putting in the kitchen.  I need to know if my big square table idea will work or not.  While he watches football (without me :( )  I'll be:
  • Making sure the beds & rooms for my brother & niece are in order
  • Tidying up the office (I tend to pile & stack things on my desk near the computer ... lots of little notes around ... )
  • Wondering if I can finish the paper wreath between something or other
  • Sewing some burp cloths and finishing up a frame for a friend to gift
  • Tracking down the table cloths and napkins I'm using for Thanksgiving
  • Cleaning our bedroom and putting laundry away (hate putting laundry away)
  • finding 5,000 other things that need to be done for Thursday ;)
Oh ... did I mention I also have the proverbial "nothing  to wear" problem as well?  Hopefully I can work on that.

Good luck to you all ... I'm sure your lists are just as harried as mine! 


  1. Wow, you've done more than I've done all week-lol. I need to get busy, fast!

    Enjoy the upcoming holiday!

  2. This sounds like a familiar routine at our house too! "Hubby watching football while I..." :o) Good luck getting it all done!