Monday, November 23, 2009

Holy Paper/Book Wreath Batman

Can I just say WOW?

So ... I mentioned this wreath a few posts back.  Here's a picture for you of the wreath I decided I couldn't live without.

For whatever reason, I decided that I must do this wreath today.  It MUST be done for Thanksgiving when everyone comes over.  What the hell was I thinking? 

Here are the major differences in the cute small wreath shown here and mine: 

This wreath ... 10 inch base.  Mine?  14 inch base (yeah - didn't realize that till 1/2 the thing was done)

This wreath ... cute & full.  Mine?  HUGE and HUGE.

This wreath ... lovely.  Mine?  MASSIVE.

I'm seriously going to have to post a picture ... but not today.  I did learn a few tricks along the way which I'll post when I put my photo up ... but other than a time-consuming project, it was relatively easy.

Now ... where am I going to hang this thing? 

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  1. Oh Beverly! I'm sure yours is lovely, too! Can't wait to see your pics...