Friday, November 20, 2009

On the go

 Crazy day of grocery shopping and running some errands ... home for a quick break & bite to eat ... so I figured today would be a good day for these questions which I've seen all over blogs (and quite a few this week) from The Simple Woman’s Daybook which you can find here. 

Outside my Window: Its sunny and the perfect temperature

I am Thinking: I have a LOT to do this week ... hate procrastinating, but it's what I do so well.
I am Thankful For: A pretty darn good life ... ups & downs, family and especially my hubby.  Always thankful for him.

From the Kitchen: Enchiladas tonight (if I get my butt to the store)
I am Learning: that I will always want more and different.  It's not in me to be complacent.
I am Wearing: Jeans, pink v-neck and grey tank under it.

I am Creating: Chaos :)  Groceries are mostly put away in the kitchen ...

I am Going: To BJ's, AC Moore and the thrift store
I am Reading:Nothing at the moment ... need to start "Godmother" ... forget the author though.

I am Hoping: That I can focus this week.

I am Hearing: Nothing :)
Around the House: Chaos :)  It's beginning to be a theme.
One of my Favorite Things: My craft room ... it seems to have what I need whenever I need it 
A Few Plans for Next Week: Cleaning!!! Then relaxing enough to enjoy the family on Thanksgiving instead of letting them drive me nuts.

A Picture to Share:  Photo taken by Myles Pinkey Photography
Sigh ... one of my favorites from our wedding.


  1. Great list! Enchiladas sound very yummy right now. And what a GORGEOUS photo!

  2. Great blog! Enjoyed being here. I'll be back! :)