Sunday, November 8, 2009

Centerpieces & Table decor

So this is what I made for my wedding centerpieces.  We got married at the end of September and with my heart's desire being wedding pictures with foliage, we kept to a fall-like decor.  I found this beautiful example via Martha Stewart's website (... it's no longer there but of course, picture is courtesy of Martha Stewart via's website).

I'm wondering if I have a wheat-obsession.  After making 25? or so centerpieces of these beauties (some of them twice because my "helpers" didn't do such a good job ... the "helpers" will remain nameless because I do still love them for the effort) a normal person probably wouldn't want to work with wheat again.

I just picked up a bundle of wheat the other day for my Thanksgiving table settings.   I think it was on BHG's website that I saw the idea, but can't remember for sure ... 3 wheat stalks arranged sitting on top of a folded or rolled napkin with ribbon.  It sounds simple, elegant and beautiful, right?  Hopefully it'll turn out that way.  I have to first find the napkins I'm using (and have enough of) and then do a sample of them.  Maybe I'll even remember to post a picture!


  1. Love these centerpieces! Can't wait too see how your new wheat project turns out :)

  2. This helped me out. I have a billion bundles of wheat sitting here staring at me and I just don't quite know what to do with them. I'm not a "crafty" person per se, so it's tough for me to envision chopping and trimming and banding all this wheat. I really want to trail several lavish bundles down the center of our Tuscan-style Thanksgiving table this year, though, instead of the usual fresh flowers. Maybe I'll put them together in the garage to keep the mess to a doesn't seem like the easiest thing in the world to work with! I applaud you for making 25 of them!!! Congratulations on your recent wedding, and thank you for the inspiration!