Monday, November 23, 2009

What's your "For Good"?

So I'm sitting here going through my Google Reader, realizing that I really should get a move on ... but I don't.  I come across Stacy Julian's post at Write.Click.Scrapbook's blog.  WELL.  Call me emotional ... but this was just a beautiful post that touched me.  Please visit her post and really think about what she says.  

So often today we're all muddling through our days hoping to get to the next day off and the next thing that we forget to stop and appreciate those that are in our lives and make a difference.  Think about who has made a change in your life and those that continue to do so.

I did.   I wrote a letter just now.  I'm mailing it today.  Yes, that's right - mailing a letter.  You remember those?  Don't just shoot off an email.  Make it something that brightens someone's day when they sort through the junk-mail and bills.  Allow your appreciation to be something that they can treasure and keep when they may need that little lift in their day.

Go.  Do.  Now.

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  1. Wow, I love when things move me like that - heading there now to check out! Good for you, writing that letter!